If you have tried other traditional sources of funding you will find us refreshingly different in our approach.

As a group of individuals, with no specific tie-ins, we can be so much more flexible than the banks. We have a no-nonsense style, we make our own decisions and we respond quickly.

Although we take a keen interest in your balance sheet, that’s not the only criteria we are interested in. Factors such as your passion and dedication to your business also matter to us. We aim to get underneath your business and its prospects. We invest in people as much as businesses, so honesty and respect are key factors in a successful investment.

We are great believers in making sure the business chemistry is right. That’s not a phrase you will often hear uttered by the big banks and lending institutions but it is a great illustration of why the Gabriel Investors approach is so successful.

Contact us via our Apply Online page to hear more about our unique approach and how we can help your business to the next stage.